by Jasmine Haynes

The 2019 UMAC members meeting was called to order Friday February 22 during lunch to update members on the state of the United Methodist Association of Communicators. UMAC chair Mark Doyal, opened the meeting with a reminder of how UMAC has evolved over time.

“We have shifted from being an organization that just plans an annual meeting, to a year-round gathering to benefit all communicators,” said Doyal.

As the leadership team focuses on organizational sustainability, transparency and meeting the needs of communicators across the United Methodist connection, they also invited members to celebrate the addition of over 30 new UMAC members and the successful launch of the first local church communicator school. According to the membership report, there are approximately 180 UMAC members and around 300 persons who have opted into the UMAC email list.

The financial report reflects that UMAC is in a healthy state in the black and the receiving of that report was approved unanimously.

In order to promote a leadership structure that is more conducive to identifying and utilizing individual leadership team members’ gifts and strengths, an amendment was proposed to the by-laws, and it was passed by the body. After the by-laws were amended, nominations proceeded and the following leadership team members were re-elected: Mark Doyal, Rick Wolcott, Evelyn Warren and Tara Barnes. Three additional team members were also warmly welcomed by those gathered: Diane Degnan, Carolyn Conover and Deborah Coble.

Full leadership team
Chairperson: Mark Doyal
Chairperson Emeritus: the Rev. Art McCLanahan
Vice chairperson: Rick Wolcott
Executive Director: Royya James
Social Media: Tara Barnes
Awards: Jessica Brodie
Leadership Development: Cathy Bruce
Secretary: Jasmine Haynes
Website: Todd Seifert
Treasurer: Andra Stevens
Event Planner: Evelyn Warren
At-Large Member: the Rev. Deborah Coble
At-Large Member: Carolyn Conover
At-Large Member: Diane Degnan

Jasmine Haynes is communications specialist for the Mississippi Conference of The United Methodist Church and secretary for the UMAC leadership team.