Here is your chance to get to know one of our newest UMAC leadership team members, Tyrus B. Sturgis.

Tyrus is the director of leader communications with United Methodist Communications. Licensed to practice law in Alabama and Tennessee, Tyrus serves by telling the story of the United Methodist Church and enhancing how leaders spread the word of God as they make disciples of Jesus Christ.

  • Your Name: Tyrus B. Sturgis
    Where you are employed: United Methodist Communications
  • What you do here: Director, Leader Communications
  • What are some things that you enjoy about working there? Learning from, contributing to and growing with an assortment of seasoned communicators. Sharing the UMC story and enhancing UMC leaders’ ability to spread the word of God and make disciples of Jesus Christ.


Give a brief history of you:

  • Where did you grow up: “The Camellia City of the South”—Thomson, Georgia
  • Where you went to school(s): Cumberland School of Law at Samford University (JD); The University of Alabama (MA, Advertising & PR); Alabama State University (BS, Marketing).
  • Why did you decide on that school: UA has a top communications school; Cumberland is the #2 rated law school for trial advocacy. I like to argue.
  • What your degree(s) is in: See #2.
  • Why did you decide to go into your field of study: I have always been intrigued by the power of words to inspire, create change, and move people to action.
  • What did your professional journey to where you’re currently at look like(what jobs have you held after university that led you to your current employment?) A few notable: Public Affairs Specialist for State Farm Insurance (for the state of Mississippi); Business Development and Corporate Strategist for an Los Angeles PR Firm; Director of Marketing and Strategic Communications for Alabama State University; I provide strategic communications and legal counsel for small businesses and creatives (licensed to practice law in AL and TN)


How did you get your current placement? I came into the UMC as the Senior Communications Specialist at GBHEM in 2015 and moved to UMCom in 2016.

Where do you hope to see yourself in the years to come?  At Jade Mountain in St. Lucia and behind the wheel of an awesome convertible. Roofless driving is therapeutic.

What ways do you hope your work reaches the community around you? I hope my work changes lives and changes my life.