Sometimes, the path that you had intended to follow isn’t what God had planned for you. In Cathy Bruce’s case, this was a great opportunity to still follow her passions, but do it in a bit of a different style. Cathy, the associate director of connectional ministries for communication with the Kentucky Annual Conference, began her journey into communications at Western Kentucky University.

Cathy worked to get her degree in electrical engineering technology and as well as in broadcast engineering technology. Cathy knew that pursuing engineering degrees would be suiting to her since math and all things technical were things that came easily for her.

Following her time at Western Kentucky University, Cathy was employed at the Louisville PBS affiliate, WKPC-TV. It was here where she began to gain experiences as an operations engineer.

As an operations engineer, Cathy was offered the opportunity to record the bishop after the previous production company cancelled at the last minute.

“I got a call one morning from the wife, Bessie Hamilton, of one of my former pastors,” Cathy said. “She called me to see if I could come out to the conference office and tape the bishop. They were on a short schedule.”

Cathy made a few phone calls to borrow the camera and audio gear and made her way to the do the shoot for the group. It was here that she met Kevin Evers, the then-director of communications. After exchanging pleasantries, Cathy made her way to leave when she told Kevin, “If you ever need any help, let me know.”

Whether or not Cathy realized this would be a life-changing decision is unknown, however it was this defining moment that lead to the duration of her work with in communications ministry.

Four months following the shoot, Kevin contacted Cathy and offered her a part-time job shooting and editing videos. Two years later, Kevin resigned from his position, and Cathy was chosen to become the director.

After being the director of  connectional ministries for communication with the Kentucky Annual Conference for some time, Cathy has had time to get used to the environment of the Kentucky Annual Conference. According to Cathy, one of the most enjoyable elements of her work is the environment itself.

“I come from a TV background,” Cathy said. “And working around Christians that aren’t afraid to live their faith is amazing.”